OMMI Care. The brand that encompasses style, elegance and innovation, all the while still having uncompromised practicality and aesthetic.

We are a brand that seeks to respond to our modern society and growing pursuit of the personalization of products. Our mission for OMMI is to provide customers with personal care products of different design themes in order to meet the diverse needs of different people. Our collection is inspired by the diversity and uniqueness of people, and we seek to offer you an opportunity to choose from our versatile collection.
Why Ommi care?

Luxury beauty


Different design themes in order to meet the diverse needs of people.


Creating personal care products that solve customer problems that arise


Combining technology elements to bring users an enprecedented personal caring experience

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OMMI care – indulge yourself in style and pamper yourself as you live life with confidence. 

OMMI is the Arabic word for mother. Our brand promise constitutes providing a level of service that is synonymous with a mother’s meticulous care. Gentle and accommodating, yet thorough and efficient – all bundles up with LOVE and a commitment to quality. Our products are offered to you with uncompromised integrity to allow for your daily satisfaction and happiness through the OMMI care way!