Ommi Care Affiliate Program

Ommi Care affiliate program

What is the Ommi Care Affiliate Program?

The Ommi Care affiliate program is committed to working with motivated partners who wants to help us spread the love of care to everyone around the world.

How does it work?

After the application has been approved, you will receive a unique link that can be shared with people. When people buy products through your affiliate link, you can earn commissions.

Why choose us?

We are a brand that seeks to respond to our modern society and growing pursuit of the personalization of products. Our mission for OMMI is to provide customers with personal care products of different design themes in order to meet the diverse needs of different people. Our collection is inspired by the diversity and uniqueness of people, and we seek to offer you an opportunity to choose from our versatile collection.

How much can I earn?

Affiliate partners can earn up to 25% commission on each sale. (Commission Table will send through confirmation email.)

The level of commission you will receive will depend on how much referral you made. We will accumulate your referral and adjust your commsions.

*Sale validation 60 days after receipt of order

*Cookie lifetime: 7 days

*Commission will be payout on every 10th of the month.(If 10th is public holiday, it will extend to the next business day)

Application requirements:

There are a certain amount of likes/followers in your FB/IG fan pages.

What if a product returns?

Our products can be returned within 7 days without use. If the customer return, request a refund, or credit card charges are reversed due to dispute or credit card fraud. This order will not be eligible for a commission payout.

How is the commission paid?

1)The commission will payout by PayPal. You will need to create a PayPal account and provide us the account information then the commission earnings will transfer to you through PayPal automatically.

2)The commission will payout by Payme. You will need to create a Payme account and provide us the account information then the commission earnings will transfer to you through Payme automatically.

How do I apply?

Fill in the registration form, then we will review it manually. It might take up to 2-4 working days. The results of the registration will be sent to you by email that you create the account.