Chasing Sunflowers


Imagine if you could enjoy nail care anytime, anywhere. No more appointments, line up. You can sit on the sofa and watch the drama while enjoying the effects of nail care.

OMMICARE Portable Nail Trimmer uses a precise and gentle motor, with a unique polishing head design, which can gently polish the nails without hurting the skin

Battery-powered and ultra-quiet design, suitable for any woman to repair her nails anytime and anywhere

More than 10+ fashionable style designs cater to everyone’s different styles!!

Feature of product:

  • The design does not hurt the skin by gentle polishing
  • Super quiet design
  • Easy One-click button operation
  • Portable, easy to use, and easy to carry
  • Various fashion designs
  • Obtain safety certification

How to use:

  1. Put in an AAA battery
  2. Replace the suitable tip
  3. Press the middle button
  4. Enjoy your manicure journey

Warranty Period: 1 year

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chasing sunflowers

Chasing Sunflowers

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